Q: I have a problem with the game not working and/or have not received my purchases. What can I do?

A: We are sorry that you have come across a problem while playing KISS Rock City.  We want to find a solution to your problem as quick as possible.  The easiest way to get help is by contacting our support team.  Please follow the instructions below. 

While in the game go into the Options menu in the bottom corner and click on ‘Contact Support’. 


You will then be given the option to send our support team a support ticket that includes your unique user id.  Just click on 'Contact Us' in the top corner and then click on 'New'.




You will then have the chance to enter a description of the problem you are experiencing.  Please make sure to add any information that you think will be helpful for us to help you!  


Don't forget to hit send!  You can always go back and add a comment to your ticket if you need to add more information.  

Your ticket will always be visible and you can always click on it and add comments or reply to the support staff.  You can also start a new ticket for a new problem.


Make sure to check back and see if you have been sent a reply to your query.  If you would like us to contact you per email please make sure to add your email address to your query.  

If our support staff have changed anything in the game you will get a message like the one shown below.  


If for some reason you can't access the 'Contact Support' button then please contact us by using the option here on the page or by email.  Don’t forget to tell us as much as possible about the problem you are experiencing.  Anything you can tell us will help us help you quicker!

Please note that our support team will only respond during European office hours.

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